Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bigfoot invades cabin community in lower Oregon - BCS


Welcome to another Bigfoot campfire story. As we get closer to Halloween a holiday close to my heart I tend to break out the more scary encounters I've collected. Malcolm, Freddy and Mary are renting a cabin for the week and strange visitors begin to show up uninvited. Malcolm told me this story himself after several years of contemplation...

I called my buddy Freddy up and invited him to join me in the mountains near the Siskiyou National
forest for a week of snow fun. My uncle owned a Cabin Near Loeb State Park and it was stocked with everything a fun weekend could want or need. As usual his ball and chain Mary had to come along or it was no go but fine she can sit in the cabin and stare out the window if cold isn't her thing. The date was set and off we went. 10 hours of driving later we arrived at the cabin and it was just as my uncle
said it would be a bit snowed in but doable. I drove the forester in as far as it would go and we humped in the last 40 yards to the door.

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