Monday, December 21, 2015

Bigfoot seen playing in snow near Oregon border - BCS


Welcome to another Bigfoot Campfire Story. This is one of those tales that you really hope is true as it makes Bigfoot seem just a bit too much like us but Richie and his kids Betty and Bruce were on a Christmas Vacation near Hilt California and the Klamouth National Forest when the had a snowy encounter unlike anything they had seen before. This is their story.

I had picked up the kids Bruce and Betty from their moms this year for Christmas Vacation. Finally I had gotten to take them with me to the mountains for snow and sledding and all kinds of fun. Bruce being the oldest had his nose buried in his phone but Betty was turning 11 in January and was bouncing off the walls with anticipation. Question after question like a machine gun, is there snow yet, YES, how much snow is there, I don't Know, when will it start snowing, today, what time today, later on today let's hope we get there before it gets bad, how cold will it be, cold... it went on like that foe about an hour until we finally reached the cabin I rented... (Click the video for the full story)

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