Sunday, November 15, 2015

Juvenile Bigfoot caught chasing kids in the woods of Northern California - BCS


Welcome to another Bigfoot Campfire Story Marvin and his family had lived on the edge of the Sierras for several years. Living in the valley below the huge mountain tops was an adventure in itself and the wild life that would visit his farm seemed well worth it. One summer his son jimmy and daughter jemmy had been playing in the woods for what seemed like days on end. He had a feeling something was going on he just wasn't sure what. Until one day he discovered their secret...

I had grown up on a farm just like this one just down the road. My parents sold the place when I was teen to move into a city to get a better education. Now that I was a father I wanted my kids to grow up the same way I did so I found a farm for sale near Sierra City and we bought it to raise the kids. For the first few years I hadn't noticed anything different the entire area seemed to be just like I remembered.  (click the video for more)

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