Saturday, September 26, 2015

Truck hits Bigfoot on I-70 in Colorado 2015 - BCS


Welcome to another episode of Bigfoot Campfire Stories. This story comes to us from high in the Rocky Mountains. Wally a long haul semi driver encountered a creature unlike anything he had seen before and came away with an amazing tale. This is that story.

Now I know you have heard stories like this before but I've got no reason to lie about it to you so here it goes. I was on a long haul job coming into Denver on I-70. Everything was just as normal for typical early fall trip. First week of October is always a beautiful time to travel through the mountains so I was looking forward to it. I drove mostly in the afternoons to late night before my time runs out so I catch the sun set nearly every night. I was hauling a heavy load of material for some manufacturer and it took me some time to get up the grades but going down hill I had to be careful not to over heat the brakes and end up on an over run waiting for help.

Join us in the lounge for group discussion and fun.

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