Monday, November 23, 2015

Bigfoot County 2012 - BEW1-29


Come join Rev. Jeff and your old pal Wes Losner for a fun and exciting look at the deliverance of Bigfoot movies. Yes that's right I went there. Listen in as the guys talk about just how crucial this film really is and just what the locals thought about it once it was released. All that and more starting at 8pm PST tonight on



Based on found footage. A documentary filmmaker and his crew venture up to Siskiyou County, known for their Bigfoot sightings. While there to investigate they meet a local who leads them into the woods showing them evidence to these sightings. As they document everything on tape a series of unfortunate events occurs leaving many unanswered questions and only this footage to draw conclusions.

You can check out a preview copy here
and check back later for a link to the live show at 8pm PST

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