Friday, November 20, 2015

Man kidnapped and lives with Bigfoot for 3 days then escapes to tell the story - BCS


Every once in a while the classic stories pop up in the most unexpected places. This particular story gets featured a lot in passing but it is time he gets his very own Bigfoot Campfire Story. Albert was a prospector in British Columbia and had been on an epic trek to locate a secret gold stash had been having his camp invaded by something at night. Too bad that wasn't the worst that happened. This is his story. We pick up Albert on day 5 his final Campsite...

I found an exceptionally good campsite. It was two good-sized cypress trees growing close together and near a rock wall with a nice spring just below these trees. I intended to make this my permanent camp. I cut lots of brush for my bed between these trees. I rigged up a pole from this rock wall to hang my packsack on, and I arranged some flat rocks for my fireplace for cooking. I had a really classy setup... And that is when things began to happen...

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