Monday, November 2, 2015

Assault of the SASQUATCH Full Bigfoot Movie - BEW1-24


Its that special day when you feel all warm and fuzzy... The rain outside has us in a really messed up mood so tonight's episode of Bigfoot Entertainment Weekly should be epic. Come join Rev. Jeff and your old pal Wes Losner for a fun night of Bigfoot movie Updates and our feature topic the Assault of Sasquatch. The fun starts at 8pm PST on Parental Supervision Required.


When a merciless bear poacher is caught and arrested deep in the woods of a state park, he and his truck are taken to a neglected precinct in the heart of a dying city. Unbeknownst to the authorities, the impounded truck holds a deadly cargo in the form of the legendary Sasquatch. Now, stuck in an unfamiliar world, the creature will let nothing and no one stop it from coming face-to-face with the unscrupulous man who ruthlessly ripped it from its environment. Taking an inventive and action packed approach, "Sasquatch Assault" breaths new and exciting life into the immortal legend of Bigfoot.

Check out a really crappy version of the movie
As always if you enjoy the movie buy a copy and support the creators.

Check back near showtime for a live link to the show.

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