Saturday, September 12, 2015

StrangeWilderness-BEW1-17 - Updated


This weeks feature movie for Bigfoot Entertainment Weekly is this cheeky film about a failing film crew struggling to survive gets a map to find Bigfoot and decide to save the show!



When his father dies, Peter Gaulke inherits "Strange Wilderness," dad's TV show about animals. After ratings plummet and the show is canceled, we watch a long flashback to see its demise. The studio head gives the show two more weeks. An old friend brings a story about Bigfoot in Ecuador, so a long road trip ensues with stops along the way and enough problems, misjudgments, and deaths to sink a less intrepid band. Peter's team faces competition from a better-funded and more practiced set of rivals. Who will find Bigfoot first, and will they get it on tape and save the show? Can Peter make dad proud?

And since I don't host it and the internet is a wonderful thing if you search hard enough here is a link to the movie in case you have never seen it

the movie will open in a new window. When you click play another tab or window may open about some player just ignore and close it the movie will play...

Join us Monday night at 8pm for the movie review and join the antics with Rev. Jeff and your old pal Wes Losner.

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