Sunday, September 13, 2015

Moonshiner harassed by Sasquatch in PA - BCS


Welcome to another Bigfoot Campfire Story. This one is very close to me as my grandfather told me this one as a child.

I couldn't have been more than 10 when my Grandpap and I where out on a water run, back in those days the fresh water spring would flow from the side of the mountains and people would collect milk jugs and travel out of town and fill them for drinking water, honestly it was amazing stuff. Some how magical in its properties. Anyhow the drive was long enough to have a long conversation and on this particular trip pap looked over at me and said "Jeffrey do you know what a Sasquatch is?" At that moment in time the only thing I could relate to a Sasquatch was the Bigfoot I had seen on TV and read about in library books and the native stories I've been told. I replied "I thought that thing was in California?" and Pap said well that is one of them but they are not just out there. I had an encounter with one at my camp site some time ago...

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