Sunday, September 20, 2015



Be sure to join Rev. Jeff and your old pal Wes for another adventure in Bigfoot Entertainment Weekly. This week the guys review Fishing Naked. A fun Bigfoot movie for the 13 and up crowd. What happens when two Rez dwelling young men don't want tourist fishing their spots? Fake Bigfoot sightings to draw them away...



Fishing Naked is a film about four young adults being bad in the woods. They pull Bigfoot hoaxes, scare tourists, disrespect their elders, hook up and smoke dope. It is told from the small town perspective of having to deal with annoying tourists from the city. About the time they start to really get noticed, they realize there is an creature they have inadvertently put in harms way with all the attention they have been attracting to their rural mountain community. As their relationships fray, they hatch a half-baked plot to pull the biggest hoax yet to right their wrongs by deliberately getting caught in the act.Written by Zed B

and it seems you are in luck once again as Youtube as a viewable copy for free. I really like this one and purchased my copy as I always suggest if you really enjoy something be sure to support the creators.

Tonight's live link

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