Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hungry Bigfoot steals deer hunters kill in Northern California 2015 - BCS


Welcome to another episode of Bigfoot Campfire Stories. This story comes to us fresh from the deer hunting grounds near Sacramento California. A young hunter named Pete loses his quarry to what he thinks is a hungry scavenging bear. Let's hear his story...

It was opening season for rifle in our county and I decided I wanted my first kill that weekend so I packed up my camping gear and headed for the family land I use to hunt each year. I had been coming to this same ranch since I was a boy and have hunted this land on a regular basis all that time. We had just been out for bow season and I hadn't taken an animal yet. There were lots of chances to shoot and a couple of misses but I won't just kill any deer I want the right deer.

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