Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bigfoot Chronicles the Movie

#bigfootisreal "Bigfoot Chronicles is an adventure story about successful documentary film maker, Rock Thomson who has recently lost his family in a car crash. Thomson is approached by Dalton West who represents several Indian nations who want to document Bigfoot sightings in Oregon to stop the scheduled clear cutting of their sacred forest. At first Thomson refuses, telling West he doesn't do fairy tales, but when West makes Thomson an offer he can’t refuse"

Personally I love this kind of movie. Suspense more than horror and usually proving the skeptic wrong. Maybe this one I won't be routing for the Bigfoot to kill off the pesky humans.

Check out this creepy trailer

Then when that has your skin crawling check out the latest trailer release.

The movie was release on July 7th available at some Walmart Stores
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