Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#PSEUDOSCIENCE - Nonhuman Gifting; Maybe Not What You're Thinking

[via - BBC]

I found this great article that deals with nonhuman 'gifting', entitled The Girl Who Gets Gifts From Birds.
This girls patience, routine, supply of food and respect for the limitations of the crow's willingness to interact lead her to a special relationship, where the crows will bring her gifts. Wether jewelry, marbles, buttons or seemingly useless garbage, the addition of these items to the feeding area shows some form of reciprocation.

In the field of 'bigfootery', the concept of a 'gift' is often confused with the stimulus of the supplied food and the reciprocation is not typically witnessed, as is the case with the birds, so is an easy target for scrutiny.
I am of the frame of mind that 'food gifts' are a lure and/or bait to coax an interaction and that a gift, in nonhuman terms, would be in reciprocation of the supplied nutrition.
This story of a girl and her crows is, nonetheless, extraordinary and you should check out the article, [HERE].

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