Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Drones discover endangered Chimpanzee nests

"For the last few years, drones have taken to the front lines of conservation efforts around the world. They're being used to monitor animal species and keep an eye out for poachers, venturing into areas that are either dangerous for humans or just plain hard to get to.

The small aerial vehicles are now being used to aid in the protection of another species -- the chimpanzee. In Africa, the primates make nests high in thick tree canopies. These nests are difficult for researchers to locate, often taking hours on the ground to find just one nest."

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With emerging technology at our finger tips it just goes to show that even pesky noisy drones have a place in endangered species research. This isn't far from the idea that we use the drones for possible Bigfoot sightings or to locate interesting land features that cannot be seen from the ground. In any situation a drone is a tool some Squatchers are clambering to get their hands on while the Government looks to limit their use or ban them all together.

I'm hoping that more stable and quieter units are on the way but for now enjoy the article.

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