Saturday, July 25, 2015

Man Nearly Misses Bigfoot in Kansas

#bigfootisreal This report from Frank Goodman was post last night in the Squatchers Lounge Facebook Group

A man driving home from work nearly misses a crossing creature inches from his car. Here is the incredible sighting.

"On or about 01:00 Hours (1:00 AM), February 10, 2015, give or take 30 minutes, I was on my way home from work. I worked at the time for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services for a company called Ericsson in Overland Park, Kansas at the Sprint Campus. I live in Lansing, Kansas about 32 miles away from the Sprint Campus.
I have been working a special project and my hours are from 3 PM to Midnight. I was driving North on K-7 Highway just past Leavenworth Road near Falcon Estates Subdivision when a very large animal darted across the road in front of me running on two feet. In my head lights I was able to see the massive height and the somewhat pointed crown for the top of the head.
I did not slow down and was only able to see the back end of the animal. If my hand was a foot longer and my window open I could have touched its tail bone and grabbed some hair.
It was larger and faster than any deer that I have ever seen in the area. In Leavenworth County Kansas we do not have elk or bears that I am aware of. Bears would not be out in February. We do have horses and some fools even have bison. Bison do not walk on two feet. The size was larger than any horse, bison or elk I have seen. I am glad that I did not hit it because of its size it would have totaled my car or badly damaged it. I cannot be 100% sure but it could have been a Big Foot. But I am 100% sure it was not a bear, bison, elk, horse, or cattle of any kind that we have in Leavenworth County Kansas.
The one thing in my mind still remembers right now was the hair pattern that I saw. The hair looked a little longer than my hair which would make the hair about 2 to 3 inches and a little darker than color tan but a lighter color than the color brown, more of a dirty blond, it had waves in the hair, almost curly in areas. Since head lights distort color, I am just guessing that it was a dirty blond color.
The tail bone was about even to the middle of my driver’s side window. I drive a Ford Focus. I was just amazed by the hair color and hair texture.
K-7 / US 73 Highway runs north and south along the Leavenworth/Wyandotte county line in Kansas. Closest intersection is Donahoo Road, or a mile and a half north of the traffic light at Leavenworth Road. We are talking about the very western edge of Wyandotte County Kansas. We are also talking about the very western edge of Kansas City, Kansas. I know of other people who have claimed to have seen Big Foots in and around Lansing, Kansas near the Sherwood Subdivision, at Fort Leavenworth, and Weston, Missouri." - Frank Goodman

This witness was brave enough to come forward and share his sighting with us. Thanks Frank and keep a good eye out for more!

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