Monday, July 27, 2015

Bigfoot Entertainment Weekly - New Podcast - Updated

You won't want to miss tonight's show as Rev. Jeff and your old pal Wes Losner let lose in a uncensored look at all the Bigfoot entertainment on the market. From Movies to TV Docs we'll cover them all each week in a manner that only your old pas Wes can deliver. 8pm PST on

Tonight's feature: The Creature from Black Lake

Storyline: Some fishermen are attacked in the Louisiana swamps. When the word gets out of a mysterious Bigfoot-type creature, two researchers come to a small town to study and hopefully discover what the beast is. Their research from some farmers help the two men to learn that the creature may be a very angry and murderous missing link. Written by Wallace Entertainment - via IMDB

Check back later for a live link to the show!

For now here is another chance to watch the Movie before the show.

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here is tonight's live link!

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