Saturday, July 25, 2015

#PSEUDOSCIENCE - Podcast Followup [SLP3-30]

[via - Nature]

In this 2009 essay, Russel Ciochon, Chair of Anthropology at the University of Iowa makes some interesting postulations about possible 'mystery apes' and their possible misidentification by himself and his peers.
This idea was the root of the candid chat about Gigantopithecus and Homo erectus on our latest [Squatcher's Lounge Podcast]. This is also what intrigues me so much about claims of an 'ape man'/'wild man' in the East Asian area.
While the North American Sasquatch is described in a much more anthropomorphic way than its Chinese counterpart, is it likely that there is a more logical culprit in the Central Chinese forests?

Also referenced, here is a graphic showing the current distribution of 'known' apes.


The sightings in the Shennongjia region of Central China are likely not misidentified Gibbon sightings. So, what are they?  Gigantopithecus giganteus?

Read the full essay, [here].

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