Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Possible Bigfoot encounter while fishing


One of our podcast fans sent us the encounter that his dad tells from time to time. It seems to be an event he retells and sticks in his mind for some reason. He gave us permission to share is story so we hope you enjoy it.

"forgive me if i leave out the details of specifics of locations and such, its hard to remember all the details and he only tells it once in a few years.

every once in a great while my father would recount this story to me, and every time, even though its years apart, the details never changed.

my dad use to be a genuine okie from back east, his family always traveling around getting jobs picking crops for farmers. one time in his early teenage years he was in California picking peaches. and every weekend or so he and some older friends he had made in that particular county that he was staying in use take him fishing at this large creek that they knew about. well one Friday late afternoon after picking peaches they all got into one of his older friends car and they all drove down to this spot in the creek where it made a large pool that they loved to fish at.
they spent a few hours there, fishing, my fathers two or three friends all sitting on the bank fishing, while he himself found a nice flat rock some ways into the water where he could reach out into the deeper water for bigger fish.

well about as the sun was starting to dip below the mountain line, and the light was fading, all of a sudden they all heard this strange sound from way up the creek. it wasn't very loud, almost unnoticeable. it sounded strangely like a huge river stone being slammed into the creek bed, but with no splashing sound, no sound of water with it. well after a while it sounded again but a little bit louder,  and then again and a little bit louder. they didn't take much notice of it till it started to so loud that the crickets and birds all around them would shut up right after this WOMP sound was getting so loud that it was starting to make echos down the creek towards them. again the same strange sound like a large stone was being slammed hard into other river stones under the water, but with no splash. well about that time he turned to look at his older friends to see what they were thinking about it, and he saw them already packing up their fishing boxes and giving him worried looks. "time to go. its getting dark." one said. and he quickly reeled in his line and packed up and met with them back at the game. all the time this strange WOMP sound being very loud now, and sounding very close, only maybe a few hundred feet up the creek past the bends where it was still out of sight. they didn't take their time rushing up the bank and back to the car, packing all their gear in the trunk and piling into the car. by this time the WOMPs were obviously in the pool area of the creek where they were just at. and it must of took one last big WOMP that made the driver freak out enough to start the car in a rush and speed off down the road. while they were speeding down the road, one of my fathers friends asked out loud, "wow, that was one huge cougar out there, huh?" it wasn't later till my dad found out that this friend had turned to look back down the path to the pool just in time to see something huge, black, leap from out of sight onto the bank they were fishing at, and start running full tilt up towards the car with frightening speed. he never mentioned if it ran on two legs, or four. only that it was huge, black, and fast as hell.

well even after this event, my stubborn father still wont believe in bigfoot, says its all hooey.
go figure, that's my dad, and i love him anyways." -ghostmooner

Whenever I hear a story like this one I never know really what to think. There are only so many animals capable of the events that unfolded in this mans encounter with an unknown animal and I say that not to be sensationalizing things but he never identified it himself. I hope more people will share their stories with us if you would like us to feature your Bigfoot encounter email us sloungepodcast@gamil.com

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