Sunday, July 26, 2015

Could this be Bigfoot Vocals

#bigfootisreal "as a man was waiting for his wife to come home from a night out at around 1.30 am on July 11th 2015 when he heard the strange noises coming from his backyard. So he decided to grab his camera and a flashlight to investigate what the noise was and this is what he was able to record! I have never heard these kinds of howls or screams? Is it coyotes, wolves, fox, wild dogs, owl? What do you think it is?"

After catching this video on Youtube I was starting to get baffled by what it could be. I lived in PA for a long time and learned to hunt the areas and identify the animals of those areas. I have returned many times since then and I for one am still a bit confounded by just what this could be.

The man is definitely not afraid but is alert to the situation as he scans the area in the dark for what could be making these sounds. A few things to consider is first this is the mans back yard if it was a common animal sound I doubt he would have sought out the camera to go investigate what it was. Second if he knew what the sounds were would he not have called out for "Brutus" the hound dog to shut up?

People quickly move to find any other explanation for strange sounds in the night. Is that because they need to feel safe and explain away the giant primate in the woods to be able to sleep at night? I'm not signing off saying these are actual Bigfoot calls but just what if they were. The audio is very clear as that it doesn't sound like a human making noise in the night. This may be one we never know the answer to but leave a comment if you think you know what animal is making these sounds in Pennsylvania.


  1. Sounded like a Bassett Hound to me.

  2. Almost sounds like there are two of "them". One has an echo to it like it is in a ravine and the other is slightly louder and no echo, like it is up on the edge of a ravine. Bigger than dogs. That is some volume of air being moved when it / they vocalize, unless his neighbors dog weighs 450+ pounds. Did not help that he was breathing like he just sprinted 100yds over it. Don't know - listened to it a bunch of times and sounds like two large creatures communicating back and forth.