Sunday, October 25, 2015

2 men attacked by bigfoot while investigating a sighting report in Washington State 2015 - BCS


Welcome back for another Bigfoot Campfire Story. Jack and George were Bigfoot investigators in Washington State near the Canadian border. They received an encounter report from a farmer just a couple of hours away form their town so they loaded up their equipment and headed out to meet the farmer. This is their story...

George and I had taken a call on our Bigfoot hotline (that's what we call the internet phone at Georges mommas house, she never used it) from a farmer name Willie B. He was fishing in Silver Lake near his home town and had watched a Bigfoot cross in front of his car as he was leaving the Silver Lake Park just before dusk. Willie invited us up to the area and agreed to meet us at the location so I collected George and away we went for another adventure.

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