Monday, October 12, 2015

Clawed The Legend of Sasquatch (The Unknown) - BEW1-20 UPDATED


It's Monday night and time for everyone's favorite show Bigfoot Entertainment Weekly. Join rev. Jeff and your old pas Wes Losner as they take a long hard look at Clawed The Legend of Sasquatch from 2005. Be sure to watch as the fellas discuss the controversy over a still image from the movie released to the Bigfoot community as an actual photo... All the fun starts tonight at 8pm PST, 10 CST, 11pm EST, 4am UK and 2pm AUSTE on



In the deep woods of Echo Mountain, Pine Creek, three poachers are slaughtered by a predator and the survivor, Ed, organizes an illegal hunting with three other hunters. Meanwhile, the teenagers Rich and Jay are assigned by their biology teacher to prepare a seminar together about species in danger of extinction. Jay invites his girlfriend Shea and his cousin Jenny to camp with Rich and him in the forest to research animals for their work. Meanwhile the Indian Ranger John Eagleheart is also in the woods tracking the Sasquatch. When Ed and his men are attacked by the Big Foot, the teenagers try to escape to save their lives.

If you haven't seen this one check out the video on youtube and as always if you enjoy the movie buy a copy and support the artists and their works.

Check back near show time for a link to the live show.

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