Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bigfoot attacked me in my back yard - BCS


It was the summer of 1999 and I was investigating an area of farmland within the Ocala National Forest. While I checked in with the local grocery store and picked up some supplies the clerk I usually talked to pulled me aside and told me I should head up 19 a piece and talk to the sheep rancher near grasshopper lake. So I finished up my business and that was exactly where I went next. This is the story the rancher had told me...

Well I had been out on my 4 wheeler all day with my dogs rounding the sheep up all day. Me and the dogs where in the back meadow area and the sheep weren't acting right at all. Usually they know the drill and just let the dogs do their jobs but today that just wasn't the case. There was a narrow wooded cut through we had to go through and none of the sheep would enter it. Every time we got the sheep moving they would all turn away when they got to the wood line and it just made no sense at all. I drove my 4 wheeler into the tree line and checked for any predators and sure enough there was a really nasty odor of something dead. I searched the area until I found the source and sure enough it was one of my sheep dead and ripped open at the organs. Something had gotten to it that was for sure the neck was snapped straight back very strangely. (Click the video for more of the story)

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