Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fire fighters watch Bigfoots flee from forest blaze 2015 - BCS


Welcome to another Bigfoot Campfire Story this one comes from northern California where
I was approached at a Starbucks as I sat drinking my coffee because I was wearing a Skamania County Bigfoot shirt designed by Guy Edwards of the Bigfoot Lunch Club. It was strange a man named Troy came over sat down at the table next to me and asked about my shirt. I explained I was an investigator and a report collector and he told me the most unbelievable story...

We had been sent up to Plumas county to fight a raging forest fire in the national forest. It had already been a blaze for nearly 12 hours before we arrived as back up for the crews already on site. I was with 2 other guys Marty and Dave as we were sent 3 miles west of the crew to access the fire spread and the speed of the fire to help them decide what measures to take. We walked the tough terrain as it was important to find anything burning in our path. The main fire line was only about a mile above us so we really needed to be careful to not get stuck in a blaze.

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