Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tanker truck hits and kills a Bigfoot on I90 in Idaho - BCS


Welcome to another Bigfoot Campfire Story
This story was told to me at a KOA near Charleston South Carolina. A tanker truck driver name Tray had a run in with an unknown animal while making a haul along interstate 90 in Idaho. It took him near 2 decades to tell the story and I was lucky enough to get to hear it first hand.

The boss was famous for setting up late loads and this was one of those days. I got back to the office in Coure D'aleon and he decides I've got to deliver an emergency tanker load down I90 to Cataldo. Not being one to pass up double pay I hooked up the tanker and started to head out. He caught me at the gate and delayed me by nearly an hour and it is getting dark. Finally they got the paper work in order and sent me off to the location. Since it was December and a really really cold night I was praying the roads would be safe enough and the snow would keep away long enough to not need chains to get into town as that is never fun.

I managed to get out on I90 and the sun was now well gone and that thick blanket of black they call night around here has set in as I started to travel into the mountains. I always get an eerie feeling driving through the mountains late like this as I don't see the best after dark anymore. The tales of phantom hitch hikers and crazy trucks that try to run you off the road always come to mind. They always creep me out. The traffic wasn't too bad and the truck was running well up and down the hills but the peaks and bottoms were starting to get slick with ice. I had finally started into the National Forest and the hills were getting steeper and longer and the tanker was filled to the top with Ethanol so there was no room for error. I slowed my pace and took my time and like always I should have been fine.

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